Clyde's Large Garden Kit $45 (Free Shipping, USA Only)

Clyde's Large Garden Kit $45 (Free Shipping, USA Only)


(2) Slide Charts plus (12) Seed Packets from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. (Catalog not included)

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This kit contains more than enough seeds to start a large and diverse vegatable garden! Plus, the included (3) Clyde's Garden Planners will give you the information necessary to get the seeds successfully started! Share/split the seeds and extra garden planners with friends!

Vegetable Seeds......                                             Quantity/Pack
Bean: Contender                                                        40
Beat: Chioggia                                                            50
Carrot: St. Valery                                                     800
Cucumber: A Variety Good for Pickling               25
Lettuce: Rocky Top Mix                                       1200
Peas: Sugar Snap, or Mammoth Sugar                  100
Pepper: Lilac Bell                                               25
Radish: White Hailstone                                        400
Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing                    250
Summer Squash: Black Beauty Zucchini               20
Sweet Corn: Country Gentleman                         800
Tomato: Tommy Toe (1” cherry type - red)            25