Testimonials for Clyde's Garden Planner....Over 200,000 Sold!!

During the spring of 2001, Clyde’s gardening slide chart was tested by 500 members of the National Home Gardening Club, (NHGC), a nation wide network of roughly 550,000+ garden enthusiasts. Club members from all over North America used the planner as a guide for their own personal gardens, and then reported the result.

As a part of the evaluation, each member was asked if they would be able to: “recommend this to a fellow club member?” The response was quite favorable!! Nearly 8 out of 10 of these avid gardeners said that they definitely would recommend the chart to other club members!! Note: This was the critical question for a new product to achieve “member approved” status. Do the testers recommend it to the rest of the club? The rest of the test results can be found in the October, 2001, issue of GARDENING HOW-TO Magazine.

Below are a few of the comments they made after testing our chart:

“I recommend this product especially for beginners, and those of us without green thumbs. Its all organized in an easy to read way.” April, in Bessemer, AL.


“This product – Clyde’s Garden Planner – was very easy to use, and planting information was extremely helpful. I thought it was great! My husband really liked this product as he was not always sure when to plant certain vegetables. He will definitely use it in the fall.” Mrs. H, in Selma, AL.


“Clyde’s garden planner is extremely helpful so that I can plan how to plant and also my harvest dates. It was good to have the chart showing average frost dates in my area, which was remarkably accurate according to my records of planting times. Easy to use, easy to store with my garden equipment.” Julia, in Wetumpka, AL.


“I have never seen one like this. It is so handy to plan gardening for the week or month. This planner is not only specific for each vegetable, but also for each season, spring and fall. It is a nice size, and has contrasting colors which make it so easy to see!” Judy, in Jonesboro, AR


“I am glad someone finally came up with a more detailed and full length guide to get better results with your harvest. It gives you an edge on planting. It also clearly shows the best time to plant. Therefore, you are able to get the most of your harvest at the time you need it.” Diane, in Pocahontas, AR.


“This was a pretty neat little tool – you can throw it in your seed bag, and whip it out when you get ready to plan and plant your garden. This product seems to cover every vegetable I could think of – very comprehensive!” Andrea, in Huachuca City, AZ.


“I found the garden planner very useful even though frost is not really a concern where I live. I found the “time phased” feature very helpful and I like having a handy accessible chart to show planting and harvest times, etc. Ease of use, portability, convenience.” Mrs. W, in Canoga Park, CA.


“Clyde’s Garden Planner put a lot of information, (I had to go various places to find before), at my fingertips. I found it very useful, and packed with a wealth of information in a convenient and compact package. It was fun to use – most helpful. Thanks for letting me test it.” Pam, in Sacramento, CA.


“What a great product! One handy reference guide – easy to read – follow. After reading and understanding simple instructions this became a valuable tool in helping plant some of my crops earlier. Also helped a friend who was a first time gardener. Easier to store than a bulky book.” Stephanie, in Fort Collins, CO.


“I highly recommend this garden planner, (Clyde’s), especially for people who like to plant their own seeds inside. I have never seen a comprehensive chart for getting seeds started inside, and that is what I would use it for.” Karen, in Denver, CO.


“As a gardener of many years this doesn’t help me, but my son who is just learning is finding it great. For new gardeners it is really great! This will be a wonderful tool for new gardeners or for someone who has moved to a new area. It is easy to use and understand. I would recommend it to anyone starting out and it covers all areas of the country.” Zoe, in La Jara, CO.


“I believe this to be very handy, packed full of information and can be easily read. Can be kept on your gardening bulletin board, if you have one & therefore referred to at a moment’s notice. Comprehensive, easy read, very accessible.” Carolyn, in Loveland , CO.


“I would recommend this garden planner to any gardeners instead of having to look up individual planting times for each vegetable, each plant’s information is at your fingertips. It is small, compact, but still has all of the info you need for planting. As I am planting my garden in the spring and fall, I usually spent hours deciding my best planting times, with this planner I’ll save a lot of time.” Jennifer, in Milton, FL.


“This garden planner would be especially helpful for new gardeners, since they are always asking when it is time to plant certain things. However, experienced gardeners could also get a lot of use out of it, because we sometimes forget, and also, it would be a lot of help for the last planting time for fall veggies. I am usually too late to get the full benefit before frost. The way it is adjusted by frost dates all over the U.S. is great. Anyone can use it!” Florence, in Peachtree City, GA.


“This is a nice little device to take the guesswork out of knowing when to plant a crop. Easy to use, it has all the planting information in one place, and (you) don’t need to keep track of all the directions on the seed packages.” Marine, in Independence, KS.


“What a great product – anyone who grows veggies will need this.” Nate, in Overland Park, KS.


“I found this easy to use. It answered many questions that I have always had about fall planting times prior to the first frost. I liked the scope of this product. It contains a wealth of information within a compact design. I especially liked the harvesting date, plus length of expected harvestings. Hats off to Clyde for including an appropriate Bible quotation on his product.” Dale, in Stafford, KS.


“I love it. I have lots of books on gardening and this takes their place.” Linda, in Walker, LA.


“This chart I would recommend to anyone – this was the best thing yet. I have used it a great deal, and it has helped the neighbors.” Sheri, in Lowell, MI.


“For it’s compact size, Clyde’s Garden Planner contains a lot of information. I can plan my garden in the winter and have everything ready to go when planting time arrives. It took the guesswork out of when and how to plant. Seed packets don’t explain everything. I would recommend this to any vegetable gardener.” It is a good basic guide, instead of buying an expensive book,” Claudia, in Saint Clair Sho, MI.


“I plan on using this Garden planner every year. If friends don’t know how to plant a veggie, I can bring my planner out and give them the info that they need.” Pat, in Owosso, MI.


“Clyde’s Garden Planner is extremely easy to use, and if you follow the general guidelines, you too shall enjoy the same success as I have had. I had no idea I could plant potatoes, onions, etc., before the average last frost date in my area. I found the instructions for planting; ie, planting depth, plants per row, very useful being all combined in one easy-to-use Garden Planner” Jennifer, in Branson West, MO.


“I sometimes get to eager to plant in the spring, and too late for the fall. This certainly helps me stay within the most productive time frame. I wrote the frost dates on the front, store it with my planting equipment for reference.” Jim, in Chesterfield, MO.


“I would recommend Clyde’s Garden Planner to any gardener who has put out vegetables only to find they put them out too early or too late. It has all the dates to plant in one handy place – you don’t have to mark your calendar & worry about looking up the date for each vegetable. I’m happy to receive this product.” Pat, in Everton, MO.


“I would recommend Clyde’s garden planner for all club members. It is easy to use, and inexpensive. The information is concise, and is customizable for every garden zone. Not only does it show planting dates, it also shows harvest times. Features dates for fall planting, which are more difficult to find than spring planting dates. Great idea – best use I’ve seen for a slide rule in a long time. Great low tech solution – much easier than digging through gardening books.” Susan, in Fredrickson, MO.


“Excellent tool for the hobby gardener.” Kathy, in Golden City, MO


“Very nice product that can be used by beginner gardeners, or a “pro”. Many times I’ve forgotten which plants can be planted before / after frost. Usually have to check when the last frost is, this helps without getting out all the “books”. Size fits inside garden gook or gardening bag. Still “big” enough not to be “lost”. Very useful item. Saves time when starting seeds or planting seedlings. Having spring and fall planting separate makes it easier for those that either plant just in spring, or both spring and fall.” Mary, in Plato, MO.


“Easy to use. Concise. Most common vegetables at your fingertips. We will keep this handy guide in our planting box.” Robert, in Liberty, MO.


“Clyde’s Garden Planner Chart was very helpful in planning my spring garden. Very easy to use and provides lots of information needed. I am already planning my fall garden with the slide chart’s help.” Cathy, in Saint Ann, MO.


“Because I have been growing vegetables for a long time, I thought I would have little use for a garden planner. But, I found it to be a most useful product. A great deal of important information is available at a glance. I believe this product would be very helpful to people new to gardening.” Robert, in Saint Louis, MO.


“Wow! Neat! Very Clever! This is a handy little device that saves “wear and tear” on my seed packets and hands. It's all the planting info I need at my fingertips. It includes entire planting season, plus directions for many plants all on one sheet – so if I accidentally tear up / pitch the seed packet I can still have good planting instructions. Graphic description of planting times is much easier for me than just saying “late April” or the like.” Karen, in Saint Louis, MO.


“A good tool for the beginning gardener or for gardeners of any level.” Amy, in Springfield, MO.


“I highly recommend this wonderful little tool packed with so much information, easy to understand and use. Takes the guesswork out for we less knowledgeable gardeners who still work full time jobs elsewhere. User friendly. I wish I had received it earlier.” Fay, in Springfield, MO.


“The manufacturer put a lot of thought into directions to use the garden planner. Plus suggested procedures to use in planting – raised beds, hills, indoors etc. The garden planner will relate to a gardener’s own area. It also eliminates doubts or questions as to when to plant. Very helpful in know when to plant in your area, and when to expect a harvest.” Ginny, in Franklin, NC.


“Clyde’s Garden Planner was very helpful in planning my spring garden, and I plan to use it again in the fall. I particularly like the information on expected harvest dates, and raised rows and hills.” Sherry, in Oak Island, NC


“For a novice gardener, I would rate this planner as excellent. I recommend the Garden Planner, for here one can find guidelines that will make ones effort more successful and rewording in any size garden. After gardening for 60 years, I see suggestions I will try.” Charles, in Pfafftown, NC.


“Clyde’s Garden Planner is an ingenious, easy to use aid for organizing my planting schedule, and for the actual planting. Its helpful planting information covers both spring and fall gardeners, and is easily adjustable for different regions. I have a small garden, and try planting different things each year. Clyde’s planner will save time checking other sources for starting times, planting information, etc. Great product for unorganized gardeners like me!” Theresa, in Arlington, NE.


“Everything has grown much better because I planted on time according to your chart… I can tell they will be ready to harvest by the indicated dates…” Frances, in Raleigh, NC.


“I love this chart. It’s small enough to go anywhere, yet clear enough to read at a glance. I love the spring and fall option. Too often we forget how productive the fall can be, and This chart will remind you to get those fall seeds started.” Denise, in Potter, NE.


“This chart really helped me to use all my garden space wisely and with little wasted space. One of the best parts was that it told you whether to plant in a mound or a row. Some vegetables are confusing to grow with guessing how much space they will take up. I was happy that a list of last frost dates was included with the chart.” Sandra, in Fremont, NH.


“Mr. Majerus went to a great deal of effort to get as much as he could into such a small package. I usually have a hard time with graphs and charts. If you read the instructions he has printed you simply can’t get it wrong. It is amazingly simple. Some books don’t have as much information as this card.” Ritajane, in Northfield, NJ.


“This is the most complete planner I have seen. It covers when to start seeds, first and last planting dates, and how much seed to buy. I do a lot of double planting in my garden – now I know the best dates to plant.” Hank, in Union, OH.


“I recommend Clyde's Gardening Planner. The planner has a lot of good information that a gardener needs for her, (his) part of the world. U.S. I find it very helpful, and will be using it year after year.” Ruth, in Bunch OK.


“This truly is a handy gadget. I like the fact that you are given dates to start some seeds indoors. It helps with planning your garden before you buy your seeds.” Diane, in Franklin, TN.


“I am still a novice gardener for veggies. The garden planner has been helpful already, and I can foresee a continued use.” Pam, in Kyle, TX.


“What a handy reference! While most of the information is not new, (available on the back of seed packets, etc.), it is all put together in one easy to read format to make planning a breeze for planting your vegetable garden any time of the year. This would an especially helpful resource for new gardeners or those who have moved into a new area – first and last frost dates for an amazing range of cities in every state!” Mrs. C, in Lubbock, TX.


“The chart is easy to use and would be a great value to a novice gardener. I am using it as a guide for some vegetables that I planted for the first time. It is also accurate for my area which is sometimes not true for items that are made to include all zones. It is easy to store, (find a place for it with my other gardening supplies), and use.” Margaret, in San Antonio, TX.


“No more guessing on when to plant your Garden. Everything = when to plant, how far apart, when you can harvest, how many seeds = Is all on one card. Now I need one for flowers.” Debra, in Orem, UT.


“It has a lot of information without needing a lot of space. It is the Dummies guide to successful gardening. (That’s why I loved it). Helpful for the novice to the farmer. I especially loved the quote; II Corinthians 10:6. If you are confused, Clyde’s email and phone can guide you through. I like not only the times, (in weeks), very easy to understand, but also there is for each plant, amounts of seed – depth and row spacing, as well as how far apart for thinning. Frost line is adjustable – therefore not limited to just a few certain areas. It also states spring and fall which was very helpful for me personally.” Maureen, in Orem, UT.


“Works great, fast and easy to use.” Wayne, in Pleasant Grove, UT.


“Clyde’s Garden Planner is very helpful in planting a garden, especially if you are an amateur gardener. It shows you when to plant out doors for transplants, tells amount of seeds to put in a row, and length of row. Every new gardener should have one of these. Tells how to plant, raised rows, or small furrows. Tells start of harvest and how late into the season harvest will last.” Robert, in Ogema, WI.


“The first / last frost dates are very accurate for my area! There’s a lot of information on one little card!” Laurie, in Burns, WY.


“For beginning gardeners this would be very helpful, or if you have moved to a different part of the country where vegetable planting times are different. The different colors on the chart make it easy to tell what you are looking for, and at.” Eva, in Sheridan, WY.